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Herb Products
Airway Immune
Function: : Immune modulation, particularly endogenous interferon enhancement, anti-inflammation and detoxification.
Indication: Maintenance of respiratory health by modulating  immune function
Major ingredients: Astragalus, scutellaria (80% baicalin), licorice (26% glycyrrhizinate), coptis(60% berberine), perilla and perilla seed,  orange peel hesperidin, magnolia(20%honokiol), ginger.

Comments: The development of vaccine and antiviral drugs is often slower than we need. In recent years, a new concept of " host immune defense" has been developed, that is, fighting the respiratory virus by  activating our immune function. Among many possibilities, Interferon is one of the most important defense pathways to fight against influenza  and other airway viruses. The clinical studies on severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) showed that the efficacy of interferon in treating viral infection is relatively positive, among which interferon IFN-α, IFN-β, IFN-γ have potential anti-SARS virus (SARS-CoV) effect. There is 86% similarity in genes between SARS and COVID-19. Currently COVID- 19 deaths mainly occur in people with weak immune function in middle-aged and elderly people, supporting the idea that immune strengthening is one of the important ways for virus prevention. However, the medical interferon is not only expensive, but could have also certain serious side effects. So, the major principle of Airway Immune is to promote the endogenous interferon production and function. The formulation is based on two thousand year history in traditional Chinese medicine and more than 60 years of modern scientific research as well as 40 years of life in medical field from Dr. Jing Liu. Here is the introduction of the major ingredients in Airway Immunity:

Astragalus is an internationally well known herb.  The polysaccharides and saponins contained in astragalus facilitate lactobacillus to produce interferon-β. In certain conditions, excessive immune stimulation may aggravate the inflammation, but astragalus has anti-inflammatory effects while significantly boosting IFN-β. This is why astragalus can be used in either people with weak immune or autoimmune reactions like COVID pneumonia.

licorice extract Gycyrrhizinate or glycyrrhizic acid can promote T cell production of interferon. The study from Dr. Cinatl and Dr. HOEVER G showed that glycyrrhizic acid has anti- SARS-CoV effects, even stronger than the classical anti-virus drugs ribavirin, 6-azauridine, pyrazofurin and mycophenolic acid on the lab tests(2003-2004). The results has been further approved by several exciting research reports that glycyrrhizic acid  may possess certain therapeutic potential for the treatment of COVID-19 from the perspective of its pharmacological action, including binding angiotensin-converting enzyme II (ACE2), down regulating proinflammatory cytokines, inhibiting the accumulation of intracellular reactive oxygen species[ Int J Antimicrob Agents. 2020 Apr 24].

Licorice also contains thymol and carvacrol, the same ingredients as Oregano oil, which have significant antiviral and anti-bactericidal effects.

Notice: It is well known that licorice can promote adrenal function, but it could hold salt in the body and raise blood pressure occasionally for some people with high blood pressure. So, the blood pressure needs to be monitored  and low salt diet is necessary while taking licorice. A half dose need to be considered in some cases.

Orange peel extract is selected. The recent study suggests that flavanoid enriched orange peel contains hesperidin, which shows the strongest capacity in stopping  SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein binding with the cell receptors, compared with other 4 thousands of the drugs and herbs in a computerized analysis study. Traditionally, Orange peel is a good herb for phlegm cleansing and digestion.

Scutellaria baicalin. This herb has been heavily used in China in fighting with COVID infection. It is an important herb in tradition for inflammation and detoxification of lung. Not only it can promote interferon production, but also  this herb is discovered to act  as a “shield in front of the catalytic dyad to prevent the peptide substrate approaching the active site of COVID-19 in vitro"(2020). The research report commented that the herb may have great potential for the development of anti-coronaviral drug, considering baicalin is quite safe from clinical trials. In fact, bacailin has been the key ingredient of  our products Flueez and Flueese Nasal for 20 years. Plus, Scutellaria is one of very a few herbs which inhabit Th17, a key target linking inflammation and autoimmune reaction together. It is recognized that COVID pneumonia accompany with serious autoimmune reaction, which cause deadly respiratory function failure.

Coptis: From Dr. Jing Liu's research at MGH, which was published on BBRC in 2005, coptis and its major ingredient berberine can promote interferon production. Berberine has been viewed as a rising star as the results of hundreds of studies from the world. The herb has wide range of pharmacological functions, from antivirus, antibacterial, immune T cell promotion, anti inflammation to blood sugar and obesity management, as well as sedative effect, etc.

Perilla and perilla seed The whole herb contains over 400 chemical ingredients, including over 60% of omega-3 in the seeds. Its bioactivity in vitro and in vivo studies have been revealed potential health benefits, such as inhibition of bacteria and virus infection, allergy, inflammation, and depression. The herb is traditionally in Chinese medicine for chest congestion, asthma, phlegm clearing and indigestion.

Magnolia The extract of the bark of Magnolia trees has been used for some 1,000 years in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine for treatment of chest /phlegm congestion, asthma, depression, muscle tension as well as bowel movement promotion, which is important for lung detoxification from the view of Chinese medicine. Native American used the herb as an antimalarial agent. The most comprehensive database of magnolia ingredients to date have been established. Two of the main compounds are magnolol and honokiol. Their anti-inflammatory and antivirus functions have been under studied.

Flueese Nasal

Please read recent publish on Nature Medicine, the top medical journal in the world, "SARS-CoV-2 entry factors are highly expressed in nasal epithelial cells together with innate immune genes".

The conclusion of the article strongly support that what Dr. Liu's efforts on developing herbal nasal spray in the past 20 years is on the right pathway to fight with the respiratory virus.

Major ingredients: oregano oil, with 86% of carvacrol, scutellaria baicalin, peppermint oil
Nasal passage often is the first line of our defense against respiratory viruses. So,  Flueese Nasal in spray form has been developed since 1997 by Dr. Jing Liu for boosting the immune function and anti-inflammation in the nose, to fight with the virus before it can enter the lung. The nostril contains the richest of blood circulation. It is estimated that the chemical or drug absorption in nasal is more than 10 times than that from the digestive system. This is why the dose of the herbs in nasal spray is only 3% to 5% of that in oral administration. Flueese Nasal may also help release the headache and nasal congestions.
Direction: spray the herb liquid into each nasal, one or two times daily
Function: Immune function modulation, Anti-inflammation, lung detoxification
Indication: Prevention or reduction of cold or flu symptoms as well as the sinus allergy.
Major herbal extracts: Echinacea, oregano leaf, scutellaria baicalin, licorice  glycyrrhizinate , coptis, Isatis indigotica root, , schizonepeta, orange peel, ginger

Comments:  Flu or other respiratory virus infection treatment should be based on a complex concept of  Immune modulation, anti-inflammation, allergy reduction and detoxification of respiratory system, rather than only focusing on combating the virus. The vaccine development is often slower than the virus strain mutation. Flueez has been used for over 20 years in our clinic. The formula was tested  by the pharmacology studies, including in vitro flu virus (Type A and B)and in vivo virus pneumonia model, anti-inflammation test, as well as safety and toxicity tests. 

Six herb extracts in Flueez formula showed functions of interferon enhancement from the studies. Interferon is the important part of immune system and is the first line of the immune defense. Furthermore,  oregano oil, scutellaria baicalin, licorice glycyrrhizinate and orange peel extracts all demonstrated potential anti-Coronavirus  functions in the lab studies.

The contents of Flueez  formula are composed of standard herbal extract from GMP certificate manufactory with the certificate of safety tests, including heavy metals and pest sits.

Reishi Mushroom
Indication: Reishi mushroom, containing 30% polysaccharides

Comments: Polysaccharides is the active ingredients in reishi mushroom for immune enhancement and potential function in fighting with cancer. Th eherb may also help the fatigue and depression. Our product carry the highest Polysaccharides in market. The potency of reishi mushroom for immune function is stronger than that of dietary mushroom, such as shittake and maitake. The product has been widely used to help people with cancer.

Artemisia Combo

Artemisiia Contain, 50% artemisinin, Phellodendron, Lithospermum, Coptis, Licorice

From the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, this formula is for clearing the heat and toxins in liver and blood.  The active ingredient artemisinin is a new generation of medicine effectively working on malaria. It has saved millions peoples life in Africa. The invention of the medicine Dr. Tu Youyou was rewarded Norbel price. In recent year, this herb has been used for improving the symptoms of  lyme  disease by reducing inflammation and detoxification. The pharmacological research reveal the potential effects of  artemisinin on virus infection and cancer.

The major ingredients of Phellodendron and Coptis are berberine. Berberine has been well approved for its anti inflammatory function as well as anti-virus, anti-bacteria functions. Lithospermum root extract protects against glycation and related inflammatory and oxidative stress. The study showed that the herb extracts possess various antiviral and biological activities, including inhibition of human HIV-1.

Gastro Combo
Indication: Gastro reflux, bloating and stomachache
Major ingredients: DGL Licorice, berberine, magnolia, ginger
Mechanism: For protection of gastric acid erosion on mucosal membrane of stomach, anti inflammation, promotion of food evacuation in the stomach

Comments: The FDA and scientific studies warned about the potential risks of taking regular antacids and proton pump inhibitor drugs (PPIs) for GERD. These risks include bone loss, stomach cancer, interference with good bacteria growth in the small intestine, as well as possible heart and kidney dysfunction, etc. Moreover, the studies showed that over 60% people with stomach reflux symptoms have no excessive gastric acids. Gastro Combo has demonstrated quite encouraging responses for most people who did not have good results from the conventional drugs, or who worry about the long-term side effects of those drugs. Dr. Liu has used Gastro Combo and helped a number of people to quit PPI medications and relieved their symptoms.

Osteo Combo
Indication: Joint pain of Osteoarthritis
Major ingredients: Drynaria, standard 50% Saponin extract, turmeric, 95% extract, Boswellia, 30% extract of boswellic acids, black pepper extract

Comments: There is a shortage of effective medication developed for osteoarthritis. From recent clinical studies, glucosamine was not proven significant effects for certain conditions of the arthritis. So, any other choices? Here, Osteo Combo provides a new opportunity. The major ingredient in the product is Drynaria extract. Drynaria is a Chinese herb, and it has been used to promote the healing of bone fractures and arthritis for over 1,000 years.

Drynaria possesses anti-inflammation and bone strengthening effects, shown from the pharmacological studies. Drynaria has been a prescription medication in China for osteoarthritis and joint pain. The standard 50% drynaria flavonoid extract is used in the product for better result. Turmeric and boswellia extracts are medically approved anti-inflammatory substances. Osteo Combo may provide an alternative choice for those who have unsatisfied results from taking other medications.

Caution: Drynaria contains trace estrogen-like ingredient, so we do not recommend women use the product for long period time, if they concern about the negative impact of estrogen, even though no study show the herb may cause the cancer.
Allereez Spray
Indication: Nasal spray for inflammation and allergy of the sinus.
Major ingredients: Scutellaria extract, peppermint oil

Comments: This product has been very well received  from hundreds of people for more than 15 years in this office. Allertin Spray has a pleasant smell and gives a calming feeling by spraying the herb into the nose. This product needs to be kept in a refrigerator.

allereez spray.JPG
Carb Balance
Indication: Maintain healthy carbohydrate metabolism, reduce insulin sensitivity, stabilize blood sugar, reduce inflammation and promote circulation and energy.
Major ingredients: Coptis, notoginseng, Rehmannia

Comments: Current medical studies have demonstrated a new concept that the goal of diabetic treatment should be more than just to lower blood sugar. Inflammation and circulation care as well as weight management should be also important to prevent the potential complications of stroke, coronary heart disease, and neuropathy. Particularly, Type II diabetes is rather a result of metabolism dysfunction. Carb Balance is designed for the multiple targets. The supplement can be used with regular medication for blood sugar control.

The product of Carb Balance has been used for almost 20 years with good results. The major herbs used in the formula have been scientifically documented as being effective for insulin sensitivity, carbohydrate or sugar metabolism, inflammation and circulation, etc.

Please note that Carbo Balance may enhance the effects of the medication including insulin in case the drug alone cannot control the blood sugar well. Carbo Balance should be taken about 1 hour after taking the conventional medicine.

Metabo Fit
Indication: Metabolism and appetite management
Major ingredients: Coptis, Atractylodes

Comments: It is a big challenge for some people to control their weight. There has been little progress clinically in finding safe and effective pharmaceutical drug to treat the problem. Many studies have shown that weight control is partially a metabolism problem. Metabolism disorder can be related to many factors, such as hormone imbalance, stress and unhealthy gut microbiome.  MetaFit is based on the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, a multiple and integrative target concept. The herb extracts selected in MetaFit are focused on low energy, hormone balance, carb metabolism, gut microbiome health and particularly, food craving.  As you understand that regular exercise and good life style are the foundation to reach better outcome of weight control. It is our advise that you stop taking MetaFit if there is no expected result by taking it for up to three months, or get the guidance from the health care practitioner.

Detox & Energy
Indication: Improving mental and physical fatigue by detox and promoting the "Qi" and metabolism.
Major ingredients: Atractylodes, astragalus, milk thistle, schisandra, Codonopsis

Comments: In many cases, mental and physical fatigue could be initiated or related to excessive loads of toxins in the body, including those in the gut. Therefore, the Detox and Energy formula is composed of herbs for both detox and energy promotion, particularly for those whose tongues are often coated with thick and greasy furs or with candida infection.

Bowelease Combo
Indication: Inflammatory bowel disorders
Major ingredients: Pomegranate peel, Phellodendri, Slippery elm

Comments: Inflammatory bowel disorders including Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are tough challenges for conventional medicine. This formula has helped many patients reduce or relieve from severe symptoms of bowel irritation, diarrhea and bleeding, regardless of whether the symptoms are from infection, inflammation or autoimmune disorders. For example, a patient of ours with ulcerative colitis suffered from uncontrolled bleeding and was scheduled to have surgery to remove the whole colon. With integration of the herbal formula and the conventional medicine, this patient has avoided the surgery for over eight years.

Caution: Considering the severity of colitis, we strongly suggest you consult with Dr. Liu in his office before taking the herbal product. And this product is not intended to replace the conventional medical treatment. Current medical science has shown that gut microbiome dysfunction could be related to the inflammatory bowel disorders. Therefore, we provide the stool test for gut microbiome.
Onco Support
Indication: Chemotherapy and cancer therapy support
Major ingredients: Reishi, containing 30% reishi polysacharides, astragals, codonopsis.

Comments: This formula has been used for over 20 years and has helped hundreds of people with cancer, especially for those going through chemo therapy. The digestive enzyme and gut microbiome is the most vulnerable targets for chemotherapy. Protecting their physical function is the key to ensure better results from the conventional cancer treatment. The formula is composed of an ancient herbal formula "Six Gentlemen" plus potent extract of Reishi mushroom and astragalus. The formula is designed to support digestive and immune function, as well as reducing nausea and improving energy, etc.

Mind Balance
Indication: Stress, anxiety and depression improvement. mental power, memory and focus promotion
Major ingredients: Rhodiola, acanthopanax, Schisandra, 5-HPT, Jujube seed

Comments: Improving mental energy should be important for anxiety or depression therapy in many cases, which has been missing in the conventional medical treatment. rhodiola and acanthopanx are well studied herbs for mental and physical energy. Recent studies have also shown that rhodiola has sedative effect. Schisandra is a wild fruit. It is one of the very rare herbs which can modulate and balance excessive "firing and/or repressed" brain function, being beneficial for both anxiety and depression. Schisandra is also an excellent herb for improving liver function and inflammation. 5-HTP is a natural amino acid, called "Happy Mood Messenger". It is commonly used for people with depression.

Indication: Insomnia (difficulty falling asleep or waking up at night), also for stress and anxiety
Major ingredients: GABA, Tart Cherry extract, Ziziphus jujuba seed and valerian extracts

Comments: GABA is a physical neurotransmitter in the brain.  The substance is derived from amino acids,. It possesses nerve-calming activities. Tart cherry has natural melatonin-like effects, but it works on people who cannot tolerate melatonin supplements. Jujuba seed is a well-known herb for anxiety and insomnia. Shhhleep has no side effects such as drowsiness or sleepiness in the morning. Valerian can activate GABA function and improve sleep quality. It may take about 5 days to see the effects for some people.

Calm Me
Indication: Stress and Anxiety Related Symptoms
Major ingredients: Jujuba seed, anemarrhena, gardennias and GABA

Comments: A very welcomed natural product for stress and anxiety management. It may help people to reduce the dependence of the psychiatric drugs.

Prebiotic Combo
Indication: Taking as a probiotic supplement partner, to promote probiotic growth for maintaining gut ecology and health.
Major ingredients: Inulin (extracted from vegetables), Stachyose (extracted from vegetables), and Codonopsis

Comments: Some people cannot obtain proper benefits from taking good quality probiotics because the probiotics cannot survive in their gut. One of the solutions is to take Prebiotic Combo to support the probiotics colonization and growth. Prebiotics are in the chemical structure of polysaccharides, which is the major source of food for the beneficial bacteria in gut. Codonopsis is one of the most important Chinese herbs for promoting the digestive and gut health. Usage: 3 grams of  Prebiotic Combo powder with the probiotic taking together.

Her Free
Indication: Menopause symptom relieve without female hormones
Major ingredients: Coptis, rehmannia

Comments: An herbal formula that has been used effectively to control menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety and mental irritations. There are no hormones in this formula. Her Free has been used over 15 years effectively and safely for women who are taking Tamoxifen or Aromatase inhibitors. The major herb extract in the product could potentially enhance the effects of tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitor from the study, see the publish from Jing Liu:  Coptis extracts enhance the anticancer effects of estrogen receptor antagonists on human breast cancer cells. 2009; BBRC, 9;378:174-8

Twin Essential
Indication: Trauma and Post-surgery healing and energy promotion
Major ingredients: Notoginseng, Astragalus

Comments: Twin Essential has been used for hundreds of people for promoting postoperative rehab, including pain reduction, faster incision and inner bleeding or  hematoma  healing with possible less scarring  recovery. It is also a excellent supplement for energy promotion. Notoginseng has been the first line emergency drug for a variety of battlefield traumas for over 1,000 years in China.

Triple Essential
Indication: Circulation and energy promotion and trauma healing
Major ingredients: Notoginseng, Astragalus, Salvia

Comments: Triple Essential is based on the formula of Twin essential with an additional herbal exact called Salvia. Salvia is a medically well studied herb for its anti-platelet coagulation, microcirculation promotion, angiogenesis and anti-inflammation, etc.

Indication: Blood coagulation prevention through fibrinlytic effect
Major ingredients: Biological enzyme, standard purified extract including lumbrokinase 800,000 IU/G.

Comments: Lumbrokinase is a fibrinolytic enzyme, extracted from earth worm.  A consequence of fibrin aggregation is thrombosis, the main causes of cardiovascular diseases. Fibrinolytic enzyme can dissolve the fibrin clot. Today the most such available enzymes are belong to plasminogen activators, which has low specificity to fibrin.  Lumbrokinase represent serine proteases with strong fibrinolytic activity (Mira Grdisa, Dynamic soil, dynamic plants, 2009).

Earth worm has been used in China and many other countries to prevent or treat the blood clot for centuries. The modern pharmacological studies have shown that the enzyme can guard against heart or brain ischemia condition and protect against blood clot by dissolving fibrin protein. With the same mechanism, the enzyme may be helpful in reducing the scar tissue and the bacteria biofilm in the tissues. The enzyme may also effects on immune function modulation and anti-inflammation.

Caution: The product cannot be used with other blood-thinning medicine and herbs together to avoid the bleeding.
Serrapeptis Combo
Indication: Anti-inflammation and Blood coagulation prevention
Major ingredients: Biological enzymes, including serrapeptase 800,000IU/G and leech enzyme 1000IU/G.


Leech therapy was an ancient therapy in many countries including China and Egypt.  Leech secretes peptides that guard against blood clots. It helps the wound healing by promoting the microcirculation. Chemicals derived from leech saliva have been made into pharmaceutical drugs.

Serrapeptase is a prolytic (protein breakdown) enzyme extracted from the live silkworm. It has been used for inflammatory and painful conditions including fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraine headache, sinusitis, inflammatory bowel disease and blood clot. It is also reported to be used for women who use it for fibrocystic breast disease and chronic diabetic complications.

The recent studies suggest that serrapeptase can liquefy mucus and reduce bacterial biofilms. Biofilm is a very difficult pathological condition to be treated which involves in sinus congestion, lung cystic fibrosis and inflammatory bowel disorders, such as Candida and colitis. Clinical trials suggest that the anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties of the leech therapy could be potentially helpful for the osteoarthritis and cardiovascular health.

Caution: The product cannot be used with other blood-thinning medicine and herbs together, to avoid the bleeding.
Quercitin Plus
Indication: Natural anti-histamine and  anti-allergy product
Major ingredients: Quercitin, licorice

Comments: Quercetin is a flavonoid containing chemical, naturally in a number of foods including apples, onions, tea, berries, and red wine. Quercetin can block the master cells to release excessive histamine and inflammatory chemicals.  Quercitin acts as an antioxidant with antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties, for example, allergic rhinitis.

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial indicate that quercetin may improve  chronic pelvic pain for most of the man with prostatitis. Studies on cell cultures and animal models have shown that quercetin may help slow the growth of some types of cancer cells.  American Cancer Society states that it is "reasonable to include foods that contain quercetin as part of a balanced diet". Quercetin is generally well-tolerated when used in appropriate dosage

Liver Detox Formula
Indication: Liver detoxification, liver function promotion, anti-inflammation
Major ingredients: Milk thistle, Schisandra, NAC, Licorice

Comments: All of the ingredients have been studied and approved the benefits for the liver detox function improvement in huge amount of the studies.  NAC is a physically used nutrient, necessary for the process of detoxification in liver. NAC is also often used for the heavy metal clearance in the body.

liver detox.jpg
Green Tea Plus
Indication: Daily antioxidant supplements.
Major ingredients: 98% purified green tea extract, grape seed extract

Comments: Green Tea Plus contains 98% polyphenol, 70% catechins and other antioxidants, including 40% EGCG, one of the strongest antioxidants in nature with multiple health benefits.

Derma Natural
Indication: Eczema
Major ingredients: Sophora and cochia

Comments: The cream is for eczema, both children and adult. The ingredient adjustment is available based on the needs of individual skin condition. If the skin lesion involve in big area of the body, the oral herbs and supplements are often needed and available in this office office. Many people's eczema have been well improved or controlled by the natural therapy in this office. The product is safe for children to use.

Hemorrhoid CBD Cream
Indication: The topical cream may promptly relieve the pain, swelling and bleeding from hemorrhoid.  It may also promote the healing of the fistula in the area.
Major ingredients: Phellodendri, Slippery elm, CBD oil, coconut oil
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