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About Us
How does acupuncture work?

The modern acupuncture practice has been developed based on both traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and medical science through the past 60 years. Acupuncture effects on the "Qi flow" network of the body, including brain, nerve, muscle, fascia, and inter-organs to rebalance or improve the physical conditions and self healing power. Many benefits of acupuncture have been well documented, such as pain and stress management, anti-inflammation, neural and immune function modulations. Dr. Jing Liu was engaged in the acupuncture research project at Massachusetts General Hospital for over 10 years, a world leading project at the time. They discovered valuable scientific evidence for acupuncture effects on brain. Please refer to the publication:

Hui KKS, Liu J, Makris N, Gollb RL, Chen AJW, Moore,CI, Kennedy DN, Rosen BR, Kwong KK. Acupuncture modulates the limbic system and subcortical structures of human brain-evidence from fMRI studies in normal subjects, Human Brain Mapping, 2000; 1:13-25.

Acupuncture needles head model textbook
Is Acupuncture Safe?

Acupuncture needles have been recognized as medical devices by the FDA. Only one-time use disposable needles are being used. We all passed the national acupuncture license examination and National Clean Needle Technique Examination. Plus, we were medical doctors in China and well trained in medical science with profound clinical experiences. In general, there is no pain or painless with acupuncture.

Vagus nerve stimulation therapy

Vagus nerve stimulation has been viewed as a therapy for multiple medical conditions. FDA has approved the therapy with special equipment for epilepsy and depression. Dr. Jing Liu and his partner of Innovative Healthcare Instrument have developed an unique magnetic-electric device for the vagus nerve stimulation on ears. The device brings comfortable and not invasive treatment for stress management, insomnia, pain, and autism of children. It can be used at home or in office.


Herbal Consultation


We provide consultation for the herbal remedy, including herbal products, raw herbs, powdered herbal extracts, topical herbal application, etc. We have also developed a serial of IWH brand herbal products; please see the sections of Herbal supplement and quality assurance.


Nutrition, diet, stretching/exercise consultation

We emphasize that a healthy diet and balanced nutrition are the foundation of any therapeutic remedy, particularly for those with serious disorders, such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, Candida, etc. We provide the nutrition and diet advises on the visit. We also teach medical Taiji, Daoyin, a unique form of stretching, for certain health conditions, particularly the pain management


Functional Medicine Test

We are the pioneer on the clinical gut microbiome study and practice. We have provided the stool tests for the gut microbiome since 2004. We also provide the saliva test for the hormones, including cortisol, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Plus, the urine tests are available for the brain neurotransmitter and heavy metals.

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